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Online Diploma Request Form

If your senior is graduating this year, you can pay here to request his or her diploma. Note: If you don't want to pay online here, you can, instead, send in a check or money order accompanied by PHAA's mail-in Diploma Request Form. You can only pay here if you already have a PHAA Student Number for this student. You can get that student number by submitting our Filing Form and we will email you and snail-mail you the student number.

After you submit this Diploma Request form, you are not done. There are still two things that you need to submit to us before we would send you the diploma:

  1. Final transcript. Send us the student's final transcript with both the parent and student signatures included. You can get that final transcript from your evaluator after your senior year evaluation takes place. You could either mail-in the signed transcript, or you could email it to us ( as a pdf attachment.
  2. Evaluation letters. Make sure that PHAA has all four of the student's high school evaluation letters. (Exception: if the student completed one or more of those years in a school, ask the school to snail mail us the official school transcript.) Note: You don't have to send us the evaluation letters if your evaluator has posted them to us through our online transcript program.

Don't procrastinate! There are deadlines:

  • July 31. This is the last day when the Diploma Request fee is $55. If you are paying in August (after graduation) the Diploma Request fee is doubled (so you should set the quantity you are ordering to "2").
  • August 31. This is the last day you can send us the final transcript and any outstanding evaluation letters. In September (after graduation) it is too late to get a PHAA diploma.

If you are sending in this Diploma Request Form before the paperwork is done because a blank diploma case will be needed for a graduation ceremony, then click the checkbox next to "Click here to get blank case now." We would send you the diploma case right away and the diploma to put in the case once you have sent in the remaining paperwork.

And don't forget to fill in all of the other blanks. The way you enter the student's name will be exactly the way that name will appear on the diploma. When you choose the grade in which the student completed at least a half year of the subjects listed, that half year could have started during an earlier grade.

Available Options:

Include first, middle and last

Grade Geography taken:

Grade Civics taken:

Grade World History taken:

Grade US History taken:

Grade PA History taken:

Grade Gen. Math taken:

Grade Algebra taken:

Grade Geometry taken:

Grade Safety Ed taken:

Grade Health taken:

Grade Phys Ed taken:

Grade Music taken:

Grade Art taken: