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Transcript Request for BCEI grads

Use this page to request that we snail-mail a Buxmont Christian Educational Institute (BCEI) transcript to a college, to an employer, to a scholoardhip program or to anyone else. We would send out a paper transcript that is embossed with the BCEI seal.

If you want to request more than one transcript using this page, then after you add one to your cart, click the "back" button on your browser to request the next.

In the blanks below, fill in the following:

  • Student Name: The graduate's name
  • Birthdate: The graduate's birthdate.
  • Attention, Firm, Street, Town:The four lines of the address to which you want the transcript sent. Put more than just the town in the fourth line. Put the town, state and the zip.
    EXAMPLE: If you want the transcript sent to:
    • Office of Admissions
    • Carnegie-Mellon University
    • 5000 Forbes Ave.
    • Pittsburgh PA 15213
    Then you would write:
    • Attention Box: Office of Admssions
    • Firm Box: Carnegie-Mellon University
    • Street Box: 5000 Forbes Ave.
    • Town Box: Pittsburgh PA 15213
  • Optional: If this firm has assigned this graduate an ID number, then include that number here, so that we can add it to the cover letter which accompanies the transcript.

If you want your transcript to be emailed, this is not the right page. There is another page in this store for emailed transcripts.

If you want to request a Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency (PHAA) Transcript, this is not the right page. There are other pages in this store for PHAA transcript requests.

If you want to request an PA Homeschoolers AP Online Transcript, this is not the right store. Click here to request a PA Homeschoolers AP Online transcript.

Note: During the checkout process you will be asked for your delivery address -- which is the address to which you want your receipt sent. Write your address there, not the college's address!

Include first, middle and last

this format -> 8/16/1998

Student number at this firm