Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

PHAA Conference

This will be PHAA's (Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency) 22nd annual High School at Home Conference. It will take place on Monday, April 16, 2018, from 9AM to 5PM at the Bongiorno Conference Center (430 Union Hall Rd., Carlisle PA 17013; Click here for directions). There are sessions especially designed for parents, homeschooled students, and evaluators. 

The cost is $39.95, plus an additional $24.95 for additional member of the family who will come. It is too late to pay in advance, but you can show up at the door at 8:30 and pay there, if you wish.

Who is Invited?


During each of the five break-out session time slots during the day, you will have your choice between at four different options. Some are especially designed to appeal to PHAA evaluators, some to appeal to PHAA students, and to appeal to parents. For example, at a break-out session for parents who are new to high school at home, a panel of experienced parents will share their perspectives and answer your questions.


Students: This year we are having two contests as part of the conference:

  1. Student Speech Contest. Are you looking for an audience for your annual speech? This year you can give a PHED Talk (similar to a TED Talk…PHED = Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Educational Discovery!) at our student speech session at PHAA High School at Home Conference. Registrations will be accepted till filled-- register early while there is still room! $50 prize for 1st place and $25 prize for 2nd place. Students will give 5-minute talks sharing unique homeschooling experiences, using Ted Talks as the model. 1st and 2nd place winners will also present their talks to everyone during the afternoon break. If you want to participate, register to present your talk by emailing PHAA ( subject line “PHED Talks Contest,” giving your name and grade level in the body of the message. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.
  2. Student Photography Contest. Do you have a photography portfolio (12 to 24 digital photos) that you would like to share with your fellow students? One of the student sessions at the conference will be a Photography Contest. Bring 12–24 photos on a thumb drive to the student photography session and be prepared to present them and talk about them for 5 minutes. $50 prize for the 1st place portfolio and $25 prize for 2nd place. Winners will also present their photograph portfolios to everyone during the afternnon break. If you want to participate, email PHAA ( subject line: Photography Contest. Include student name and grade level. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come first serve basis. Register early while there is still room!

Click here to see the 2018 conference schedule.

Click here for the conference brochure.

What attendees said after past conferences:

Enjoy the Professionalism

Why should other educators go to conference centers for their conferences while homeschoolers bring bag lunches and sit on hard chairs. This conference treats you right. Enjoy the free buffet lunch, the free snacks during breaks, the sessions that are small enough for you to get answers to your questions, the positive atmosphere, and the professionalism of the day and location.