Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Susan Richman

I have served as a homeschool evaluator in Pennsylvania since the very first season of the homeschool law, back in spring of 1989! I love meeting with families and learning about their year of active learning. I do travel for evaluations, although not to every region of the state-- I schedule a May trip to the Harrisburg, York, Lebanon, and Lancaster regions, and then a June trip to Eastern Pennsylvania (north of Philly up to Allentown area). Families in Western Pennsylvania generally come to my home outside of Kittanning PA for evaluations, although I do a one-day trip to Beaver PA, and sometimes see a family with just one student at our synagogue in Pittsburgh.

I have been involved as a PHAA member evaluator since the very beginning, and have served continually on the PHAA Board. I'm a regular workshop leader at the PHAA High School at Home Conference, and love this chance to meet so many PHAA parents, students, and evaluators. 

I love to see the many, many ways that families can tailor the PHAA guidelines to bring out the best in their own students, and I love to see these young people grow up into responsible good people, with strong communication skills and real goals for their lives-- and the tools to get there. I treasure the warm friendships I've made with so many PHAA families that I've served as their evaluator.

I also teach AP United States History with Pennsylvania Homeschoolers AP Online , and am the overall AP Coordinator for the whole program, working with wonderful homeschoolers from all over the nation (and even internationally). Many of my PHAA evaluation families also take part in the many AP Online classes we offer. 

I'm happy to write college and scholarship recommendation letters for my PHAA students as needed, and am very familiar with the Common Application and several other online application systems. 

I'm limited in the number of new students I can take on each year, but hopefully, I can fit your family into my schedule. For families that are re-contracting with me for evaluations, I email out my annual contract in early September of each school year.

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