Pennsylvania Homeschoolers Accreditation Agency

Genevieve Peterson

 Genevieve Peterson is currently serving as President and Education Director for A One-Room Schoolhouse a hybrid homeschool group in southwest Pennsylvania. She leads the board of directors in program development, goal setting, evaluation, and fundraising efforts.  As A PHAA evaluator, Genevieve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team as an educational professional for over 20 years. She holds degrees and credentials in elementary education, math education, and special education along with national certification as a school psychologist. Outside of her homeschool life, she has spent time working on humanitarian efforts in Nepal, teaching Sunday school, and volunteering with her church youth group. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four children exploring the great outdoors, running long-distance races, and eating her husband’s culinary creations.

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